Frequently Asked Questions:


Is it necessary to make an advanced reservation?

It is absolutely necessary to make an advanced reservation. All of our training and dive trips are booked with advanced reservations. This will assure that the day that you select is available and will prevent disappointment.

 This is similiar to why you would make any reservation. During Holiday periods reservations are a must. 


Are gratuities included?

Tips for excellent service are graciously accepted. Tips are additional, they are not included in the dive rates. Our certified and knowledgable dive guides are in the water with you on each dive to make sure that you see the best of every site. They will set up your gear and assist you if needed. Think of them as you would your wait staff. 15-20% is a standard gratuity given, cash is preferred.


How long is each dive? 

Most dive times are 40-50 minutes depending upon individual air consumption.  (Maximum 50 minutes) 


What if it has been years since I last dove?

With any diving gap of over two years we recommend a refresher class for several reasons. We want you to be comfortable when you dive in and we want you to be safe in the water. We begin reviewing skills in the pool in the morning, and that afternoon we will make 2 scuba dives with the instructor. You will be back in the saddle again feeling very comfortable.


What if I can't find my certification card?

If you are a PADI certified diver, we can look up your certification online using your birthdate and name. Usually we are able to also verify SSI and       NAUI certifications as well.


What are the current flying after diving recommendations?

Single Dives: A minimum pre-flight surface interval of 12 hours is suggested.

Repetitive Dives and/or Multi-day Dives: A minimum pre-flight surface interval of 18 hours is suggested.


Do you have trips available for only my group of family and friends?

Private trips are available for family groups or groups of friends who want a personal experience. We can offer 1/2 day trips for snorkeling, scuba         diving, sightseeing or any combination. We can take you where you want to go. Half Day $1200 for up to 12 divers and/or snorkelers. 


Have a group of  both snorkelers and divers?

We can accommodate both. Afternoon trips to Buck Island Cove is perfect for divers and snorkelers. It is a great opportunity for snorkelers to see       what divers are seeing up close. Also, after the dives the boat moves to Turtle Cove for both divers and snorkelers to have a chance to see         green sea turtles.


What can I expect to see snorkeling?

Join our afteroon snorkel trips to beautiful Buck Island. We travel to a protected cove where the water is always calm. You will be able to snorkel over a shipwreck and coral reef areas along the shorelines inside the cove and swim with the turtles at Turtle Cove! Marine life is plentiful with lots of friendly fish, turtles and rays on the bottom. Our afternoon snorkel trip departs from the dock at Bolongo Bay at 1:00 pm and returns before 5:00 pm. All snorkel equipment is included. Come check out what you have been missing!!  Reservations are required.  


Is there Parking on site?

We have a free parking lot right outside the shop.


Do You have NITROX available?

No problem! We offer nitrox for $14.00 a bottle.


What should I bring?

Aside from any dive gear you have, we recommend bringing sunscreen, a towel, and sunglasses. It's HOT and BRIGHT out there! Water and candy is provided on the boat!


Is there a good lunch spot near by?

YES! Iggies Oasis is just a hop, skip, and half a jump away from the shop. Offering a great variety of beachy bar food and yummy post dive drinks.