Meet the staff!


People make things great and one of the best parts of diving in the Caribbean is most everyone here is on vacation having the time of their life!  With that freedom, people want to experience something they will remember for the rest of their life -- to escape and explore something completely new.  Scuba diving is exactly that, and it's what we do!

Greg Pettengill

Greg has been a captain and PADI instructor for over 20 years. He started his professional career in a quarry in Ohio but moved to St. Thomas soon after. He did his instructor training in 1999 at St. Thomas Diving Club. By now he probably has about a thousand dives or more on the Cortanser Senior! If he is not diving with us then he is driving our boat.

Greg likes diving for treasure and lobsters. 

Tammy Boiko

Tammy is our Operations Manager. She moved to St. Thomas right after college and has made this island her home for over 30 years now. At St. Thomas Diving club she oversees and manages basically every detail of our guest´s trips up until they actually go underwater.

Tammy likes the Dallas Cowboys and helping any animal in need.


John Korkosz

John, in his prior incarnation, was an endodontist (root canal specialist) in upstate New York. He first dove on St Thomas in 1995. Now, he is a PADI Instructor and a Coast Guard captain. He travels back and forth between his home in NYS and St. Thomas. Whenever he is on the island he helps us with repairs and driving the boat.

John likes clean teeth and his veggie garden in NYS.

Bill McCormick

Bill is a PADI MSDT Instructor. He got certified in 2006. He earned his divemaster rating in Roatan in 2009 and his instructor rating in Curacao not much later. After his IDC he decided to stick around another 3 years in the Dutch Antilles. After moving back to the States (Arizona and Boston) he got home sick for the caribbean sun and moved to St. Thomas in 2021.

Bill likes playing bass and making tacos. 

Suzanne (Suus) McCormick - de Boer

Suzanne is a PADI MSDT Instructor and hails from the Netherlands. Suus started diving in 2007 and in 2009, she moved to Curacao to become a dive instructor (the Netherlands was too cold). Since then she has taught in Curacao, Arizona and Boston before she decided to move to St. Thomas (Boston was also too cold). 

Suus likes hanging out with her dog and eating Bill's tacos.

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