Wondering if St Thomas Diving Club is the right choice and best dive shop in the Virgin Islands to pick? We understand! So don't let US tell you what a GREAT TIME you're in for with our shop, take it from some other guests who have been with us in the past!


I highly recommend diving with St Thomas Diving Club


"We spent three days diving with St Thomas Diving Club. The boat was comfortable and well maintained, and competently piloted. Greg, our divemaster, selected a diverse and outstanding diving program for us. We saw a wide array of interesting underwater life (sharks, turtles, lobsters, eels, big schools of fish and many different reef fish). None of our dives seemed repetitive. We dove some great reefs. We surveyed-and penetrated, some interesting sunken navy barges. We even went digging for buried treasure-shards of ceramics from the wreck of the Warwick in 1816 on a dive at Packet Rock. 

After each dive they kept all of our equipment, rinsed it and set it up on the boat for the next day before we arrived in the AM. All we had to do was show up at the boat. Couldn't have been easier. 

I highly recommend diving with St Thomas Diving Club."

Stephen Diamond       December 2019


Any dive in St Thomas is a good one, but STDC goes above and beyond!

Been diving the island for years, (every time we can get down!), buu this time we wanted to see something a bit different. A friend recommended "the Gregs" at STDC and, seas permitting, a juant out to Packet Rock. My wife and daughter haven't dove in a few years but everyone went out of their way to ensure their comfort and safety. The boat, "Letts Dive" was very roomy, the gear was top notch and well maintained, and the Captain was very good with all communication. I could go on and on but the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Go over to Bolongo and dive with these guys!

Vic B     November 2019


Excellent introduction to scuba!

"It's not difficult to see why St. Thomas Diving Club always recieves the best dive shop award because that's exactly what they are - the best dive shop in St. Thomas.
My wife and I went there in mid-August: Nancy already had 96 dives under her belt and went there for dives 97 - 100 while I was venturing into the scuba world for the first time and took the Discover Scuba package. Even though our experience levels were wildly different we both had a truly excellent time. Captain Greg kept us safe on the boat and I am hugely thankful to Instructor Riaan who patiently introduced me to the basics, and with experience and skill kept me safe on my first two dives to a wreck and a reef no less!
Thanks to Greg and Riaan I had an extremely enjoyable time and look forward to returning to Bolongo Bay where Nancy and I are already looking forward to diving with St. Thomas Diving Club again."

J Hunter      August 2019


If you hate 'cattle-call' type operations, then this is the 




"My husband, daughter (12 years) & I spent Dec 27, 2104 - Jan 3, 2015 in St. Thomas & thoroughly enjoyed every part of diving with the St. Thomas Diving Club. Can't say enough about this organization - from their staff (EXCELLENT - each & every one of them!) and attention to safety (I'm a mom - what can I say?) to their knowledge of the dive sites and attention to detail with the equipment, each & every dive was WONDERFUL with the St. Thomas Diving Club. My husband had done a ton of research before we left on our trip and saw what stellar reviews this operation received on TripAdvisor and other sites and we are very grateful that we found them during a VERY busy week in St. Thomas. 

We'd see boats with 50 divers stuffed onto the deck, I'm sure being sold on the cruises that come into port in Charlotte Amalie on a daily basis. The St. Thomas Diving Club always had 12 or less people on board & that included the Captain and two dive masters. Often our dives had about 6-8 people total! 

Can't say enough about Ryan, Dave, Dawn, Jashae & Jimi .. THANK YOU for making our trip so memorable & we will be back!"


Deb Fitz        Denver         Visited January 2015

place for you!


Perfect Experience! Top scuba shop!!!


In August, 1969, my father learned to dive in St. Thomas. Far too young to go diving with him, I remained on the beach while he slipped beneath the blue blue water and saw the ocean for the first time in his life. I made a solemn 7-year-old's vow that
I would come back here and see what he saw. To complete this promise, I had to dive in St. Thomas this past week. 

My father and I wrote a letter home to my mom, dated August 8, 1969, from St. Thomas. He mentions becoming a diver in a few days. I have the letter in my dive log.

50 years to the day that he became a diver, I completed my 100th dive in those same blue waters with St. Thomas Diving Club. Wholly due to St. Thomas Diving Club and their knowledge, communication skills, and passion, I've fulfilled my promise to my 7-year-old self. 

All of our arrangements were made by email and phone. Despite the fact that Pam (the owner) was off island for this entire process, she never missed a beat. Pam answered all of my questions with speed and precision. I am indebted to her. 

My initial choice of St. Thomas Dive Club was that it was the closest dive shop to my rental apartment in Bolongo Bay. A 10-minute walk downhill, the boat docked right next door.

The price for a two-tank dive trip is quite good, and I received a great deal of satisfaction for this cost. My tank was swapped for a fresh tank within minutes of getting back on deck; my equipment was already set up when I boarded; Greg and Dave briefed us with accuracy, attention to detail, and clear communication.

The store is neat, tidy, very well operated and maintained. I felt quite comfortable with their answers to my questions, large and small. 

The Letts Dive is impeccably maintained. The captains are Coast Guard certified, dive masters or better. 

This trip required excellent service and pinpoint accuracy. I could never ask for a better dive shop than St. Thomas Diving Club, greater professionalism than Riaan, Greg, and Dave provided, and no greater gratitude than I have for Pam.

Little Broadie       August 2019


Discover Scuba Diving was a BLAST!


"We had a great time with these guys. We took our college bound kids on cruise with a stop in St Thomas. While we have all be snorkeling many times, only my husband had any diving experience. None of us were certified and we were going to be late getting off the ship for the usual schedule. I was amazed that they arranged a schedule just for us so that we would be able to catch a 2 tank dive and get back to the ship in plenty of time. Everyone had a great experience. Saw an octopus at the shipwreck!"


Beach Okie       Oklahoma         Visited July 2017


GREAT Experience!!!


"My family just recently finished our open water certification with Joshae, Dave and Jimi. After we got our certification, we went on a couple of dives with the crew. I found the crew at STDC to be professional, personable, knowledgable and genuinely concerned that we learn and have a great time. A few other points....

1. Before we went, I called them and asked some questions. They were helpful and answered all of my seemingly 100 questions politely and accurately.

2. We did the PADI elearning before we got there and the system worked great! When we got to STDC, they looked us up, finished up our paperwork in a few minutes and we hit the ground running. 
3. The dives we went on were great. Great wildlife, great sights, ....

4. If you are lucky, Dave might tell u a pirate joke.

5. Jimi is very knowledgable when it comes to diving. I was impressed with his depth of knowledge and experience. Can't say enough about these guys."


Loren F.     Allen Texas         Visited July 2014


Outstanding by ANY measure!


"Between my wife and I we have close to 1,000 dives between us. This includes dives all over the world. The staff at St.Thomas Diving Club are warm, friendly and knowledgeable. Safety and your comfort are their utmost concern. Having been a scuba instructor myself at various resorts, I appreciated their relationships with the guests and each other. They really seem to enjoy working with each other and the guests. Every dive site is an adventure. Conditions permitting get them to take you to ST. JAMES LEDGES & COW & CALF. These dives will blow your mind. Thank you Dave, Joshae, and Jimi for two fabulous weeks of diving. Ernst & Marianne."


Ernst V.                   Visited July 2014